digging the foundations cont.

I have decided that is raining today, I can smell it on the wind that brings my breakfast, but they have hidden things in it again and I cannot eat it. The rain helps, the roll of thunder and then the downpour and the smudge at the top of the wall fades a bit.

The men in the walls were up all night talking. we are here, we are here, they even had the woodpeckers helping. Mauta tried to get in but he could not get past my guard, she’s a mad woman with ticking eyes but she can keep Mauta out. She is a powerful ally and has taught me some of her tricks, one of Mauta’s men made it in and she taught me to tear his head from its shoulders, They are beasts and the ticking woman told me to eat their flesh but when I refused she was disgusted with my weakness. she will train me eventually, she says eating flesh will make me strong and invisible and I will able to drift out thru the cracks in the walls.

“you must eat” it is Vayu, he slides in through the cracks. he has brought me flowers this morning they are still wet from where he picked them out in the rain. he folds them up and puts them in his pocket with his pen and I realize that they are not for me.

“did you forget your umbrella?” Vayu raises on eyebrow, I try to mimic it but can’t so I lift my left with my right index finger.

Vayu hands me an apple “eat” I take it Vayu nods shortly. “ thank you for not making me wait”

“The mark is less noticeable, the rain helps” I take a bite of the apple.

“Washes away the sins from whence they came” he is giving me whence but don’t like it, it annoys me when he tries to pick my words for me. They are like rotted peach pits painted gold I can smell the rot beneath the glimmer.

“Quite” I reply, he knows now that whence is not one of my words.

“why are you not eating?” Vayu moves the tray closer. “they have all put their fingers in it, they taste it first and give me only what they do not like. I will not eat their leftovers” I will not tell him that they hide things in the food I’ve found teeth and buttons in the cores of apples.

“you do not want others to touch your food?” he looks at the apple core, I do not remember eating it all, he smirks he thinks he has found a hole an wants to burrow in his nose twitches Vayu the rat

“ No, I do not want second rate food that is not good enough for others, but sufficient for me. you chose the apple for you, I will eat your apples.”

“you must eat.” he is upset

“I will eat from your plate, you may have this.” I shove the tray toward him it is covered in a grey paste.

“Very well” he eats an apple from the tray. “when did it start raining?”

I watch as he smears toasted bread with butter. “midnight” I breath deep I can smell it, the wet earth. and I feel the crackle in the air and it comes down harder.

“How long can I expect this deluge to continue?” Vayu knows that I know the weather and he trusts me.

I smile and preen “weeks, the deluge will probably flood everything. it’s a very big deluge.”

“you like the rain then?” Vayu is concerned with like and dislike.

“it’s not as noticeable when it rains” he does not understand that there is no like and dislike. the light is either on or off but I have no preference and I let the switches decide since I am not invested in the issue.

“what is less noticeable?” he has decided to let me pick out our path today. I don’t know where to go though. “The others” when they first put me in here there was another. A mad woman, they locked me in with her and we would stand separated by a veil while her eyes ticked from left to right like a clock but her timing was off and she moved wrong. She would mimic me and I would show her how to look sane we would spend hours trying to get into rhythm but she just couldn’t get the still parts right, even if we held perfectly still those eyes would tick. they took her away I can hear her at night those eyes still ticking.

Vayu shifts he is nervous about the others “what others?”

“they are coming.” I smile up at him. “we are here, we are here it wont be long now”

” you are alone here. no one is coming” he snaps

Vayu seemes angry now. I can hear the ticking woman she’s creeping in the walls and I know she will destroy Vayu and we will eat his flesh, shes becoming more and more hungry these days I’ve caught her licking my fingers at night when we try to sleep. I see her she sneaks just out of sight and I lunge for her. “WE ARE HERE, WE ARE HERE. not long now” Vayu melts into the walls and then they bring the snakes i fight the ticking woman and they bite at my arms until Im sleeping. she takes a bite of a snake and it crunches and becomes glass in her mouth and I can taste her blood. “we are here, we are here not long now. be ready”


Female Age 29

Weight 112

Hight: 5’6’’

subject has not slept in the past seven days. attempts to sedate have resulted in six deaths. Harris plans to confront subject with this and determine weather or not she can be held responsible. sterling insists that she has no awareness of any wrong doing. we have found several tunnels into the lower portions of the fort and suspect the rebels are attempting a rescue none of the tunnels have been closed of but guards have been informed of their existence. I believe we have ghosts in the building and do not want to alert them to our knowledge

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